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Cisk Excel Lager Beer 330mls x 6 cans

Cisk, brewed and bottled by Simonds Farsons Cisk plc, MALTA, has introduced a new addition to its range of beers: Cisk Excel, a low-carbohydrate beer that retains the original Cisk Lager taste, with the same alcohol level. The first of its kind in Malta, Cisk Excel contains only 3.75grams carbohydrates per 25cl bottle – a significant reduction of 50% compared to a regular beer. This makes Cisk Excel a smarter alternative for health-conscious individuals leading an active lifestyle, but who still want to enjoy a great-tasting beer. The recent global shift towards general weight loss and a healthy and active lifestyle has seen a major increase in demand for healthier food and drink options, with lower carbohydrates, preferably without foregoing the taste. Cisk Excel has an alcohol level of 4.2%

Cisk Export Premium Lager 330mls x 6 bottles

Cisk Export is brewed with the all-natural ingredients that create the original Cisk character and produced to continental requirements resulting in a smooth-tasting premium lager of excellent quality. ABV. 5% ALC.

Cisk Lager 330mls X 3 bottles

Cisk Lager, launched in Malta in 1928, is a golden-coloured, bottom-fermented lager with a distinctive and well-balanced character. Its rich hop aroma and pleasant bitterness, combined with a mild astringency, make it an outstanding thirst-quencher. Its alcohol content is 4.2%. International Awards: 1980 - Dual championship recognition during the Brewex Competition held in the UK when it had been awarded gold medals for both the "Lager" and the "Best Overall" categories. 1995 - Top prize in the International Lager Category at the 1995 Australian Beer Awards and was presented with the Pfizer Food Science Trophy for the lager obtaining the highest number of votes in the same competition. 2005 - Prestigious second placing in the International Lager Competition category, Class 1, of The Brewing Industry International Awards 2005. These awards are popularly known as the "oscars of the brewing industry", and were previously known as The Burton Competition. 2007 - World"s Best Standard Lager title by Beers of the World - an international consumer beer magazine, written by the world’s leading beer writers.

Farsons Hop Leaf. Pale Ale 330mls x 6 cans

Hopleaf Pale Ale is a Farsons Classic Brew produced since 1928. Brewed with high quality malt and traditional English hops it has a strong, fresh character with a pleasant bitterness with 3.8% alcohol content.

Kinnie 330mls x 6 cans

Classic Orange flavour & Herbs

Kinnie 500mls x 12 bottles

Classic Orange flavour & Herbs

Kinnie Zest 330mls x 6 cans

Kinnie is a unique tasting, alcohol-free, natural, refreshing beverage. Its golden amber colour, and the fact that it is made from bitter oranges and a variety of aromatic herbs, lend this beverage a bitter taste which is an excellent thirst quencher

Pastizzi Pizelli Fully Baked Pack of 6

These products are sold fully baked frozen and would require 5/7 mins @ 200C in an oven or 3/4 mins med/high microwave. Not Suitable for Vegetarians

Pastizzi Pizelli Pack of 6

These products are sold raw frozen and would require 15-20 mins @ 200C in an oven. Cook until the pastry turns golden brown. Not Suitable for Vegetarians

Pastizzi Ricotta Pack of 6

These products are sold fully baked frozen and would require 5/7 mins @ 200C in an oven or 3/4 mins med/high microwave. Not Suitable for Vegetarians

Pure Almond Pastini with Glacied Cherry

Ingredients 250g pure ground almond 250g powdered sugar egg whites or the whites of 3 eggs rind of half a lemon 1tsp almond essence rice paper optional cherries for decoration
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