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Picture of Baci Perugina White Tube (4 pcs)

Baci Perugina White Tube (4 pcs)

baci, Baci Perugina White Tube (4 pcs), Chocolate, Italian chocolate, love, nut chocolate, perugina, Seasonal, white chocolate (IN STOCK FROM 24/10/2014)
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Same contents as Twistees just packaged under different name for E.U export. Packed in a special airtight bag to protect the quality and the crispness of the product. Ingredients: Best Quality Rice, Rapeseed Oil, Natural Cheese Powder, Whey Powder, Salt, Paprika. Contains milk products and manufactured on a line handling nuts.

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This product is part baked. For best results please defrost for 30 mins at room temperature and cook for 15 mins @ 200c. Ingredients: Flour, Yeast, Water, Milk, Salt. Please freeze product after delivery to retain freshness.