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Picture of Blue Label Ale (330ml Cans)

Blue Label Ale (330ml Cans)

Blue Label Ale, one of the Farsons Classic Brews was first launched in 1928. Locals and foreigners alike immediately appreciated the high quality of this beer and by 1952 Blue Label was awarded the Championship Gold Medal and diploma for the best beer on show at the British Empire and Commonwealth competition. Like all Farsons Ales, Blue Label is part of the country's heritage. Blue Label has been a key part of Farsons' success over the past seventy years. The investment being made by Farsons in order to produce Blue Label Smooth 'N' Creamy testifies to Farsons' commitment, not only to maintain the traditional qualities that have made this beer so successful in the past, but also improve and attract new beer lovers to this truly classic Maltese brew. The development of Blue Label Smooth 'N' Creamy is a first in the Maltese brewing industry and is aimed at guaranteeing that the quality of Blue Label is not changed. On the contrary, whilst this new brewing process will be applied to the draught package, thetraditional Blue Label will still be available in bottles and cans. So lovers of that dark brown top fermenting beer, lightly hopped and mixed with a special type of mild malt will have further freedom of choice. Its alcohol content is 4.2%.
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