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Christmas Hamper “Nastro D’Argento” (8 pcs)

This hamper has everything to celebrate the New Year’s Eve in good Italian style. From appetizer – made with Pancetta from Lucania (Covelli, 260 g), Piave DOP Cheese (Lattebrusche, 200 g) and focaccine with black olives (La Dispensa Delle Delizie, 200 g) - to an elegant pasta dinner, made using La Dispensa Delle Delizie olive & tuna sauce (180 g) and Le Gemme Del Vesuvio fusilloni pasta (250 g). The most important part of the dinner will be the steamed Cotechino sausage (Palmieri, 250 g) with lentils (Melandri “Chicchi della Frutta”, 300 g): according to the tradition, this dish is served to bring luck for the coming year. To finish in bellezza a Dolcetto d’Alba Wine, produced by Tranchero in Piemonte region (75 cl). All items are packed in a beige and red holiday gift box, and decorated with nice and simple silver ribbons(in stock from November )

Figolla (Figoli)

One of the traditional Maltese Easter treats is the figolla; figolli in plural. The traditional Maltese “figolli” are almond pastries that are cut out to look like symbolic figures. The figolli are traditionally baked and eaten at the time of Easter. If you can not obtain these pastries it is quite easy to make them yourself. You can also make your own templates, like sheep, out of cardboard. The traditional shapes of figolli are men, women, fish and baskets; the last probably being symbols of fertility. Recently new forms have been added to the traditional such as; cars, lambs and butterflies. The shapes of humans are easily identified by the old-fashioned paper faces that are stuck on the icing. Another traditional decoration is the Easter egg wrapped in bright colours.

Tre Rossi Chocolate Panettone 500 g

Traditional Panettone from Liguria region. Extremely soft and tasting thanks to the chocolate and the raisins inside.(in stock from November)

Tre Rossi Figs & Hazelnuts 500g Panettone(pre order)

Traditional Panettone from Liguria region. Extremely soft and tasting thanks to the small pieces of figs and hazelnuts inside.(in stock from November)
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