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Imqarrun il-Forn (as it's called in Maltese) is one of the favourites in Maltese cuisine. As with most Mediterranean meals, pasta features heavily in Maltese cooking. Macaroni has long been the most popular type of pasta on the Maltese islands and we guarantee that this is one of the most delicious macaroni recipes you’ll find. Try it and you’ll soon understand why Baked Macaroni (or Imqarrun il-forn) is Malta’s most popular pasta dish!

Qassatat Ricotta / Spinach / Peas (3 x 80g)

Frozen Qassatat would require 15-20 mins @ 200C in an oven. Cook until the pastry turns golden brown. Ingredients: Flour, Butter, Salt, Semolina, Ricotta, Eggs.
From £7.25